Evan McGee

Who I am


I'm a brand strategist from Scottsboro, AL. I'm currently living in Richmond, VA and working towards my master's degree at VCU Brandcenter. In 2016, I graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. 

After 18 years of school, I'm finally looking to make my mark on the industry. I'm hungry to prove myself, eager to learn, and stoked to make great work. 

I think hearing about how a person would spend a free saturday can tell you a lot about them. Here's how i'd spend mine.

Morning: Black coffee and an everything bagel for breakfast, then hang out and read in a coffee shop for a while. After that, hit a handful of bookstores, record stores, and thrift shops looking for nothing in particular, just letting stuff jump out at me.

Afternoon: Grab lunch at a cool, unique counter service spot, like Proper Pie Co. in Richmond, where I can try some food that I'm unfamiliar with. After lunch I'd spend some time relaxing and reading in a park.

Evening: Dinner at a place that's at the top of its game in serving authentic food from places I wish I could travel - like Tanoreen in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. After dinner, if I won a lottery, catch a broadway show. If not, have a double bourbon and watch a nice indy film like The Warriors, or a totally random documentary like Marwencol.